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Stars is built natively for macOS with unmatched performance.


Create charts for simple datasets instantly, and analyze large datasets faster than ever before, on any Mac. Stars leverages the power and efficiency of Apple Silicon to deliver the fastest possible experience (Intel Macs are also supported).


Stars makes data analysis easy for everyone.

Simply open your data and metadata files, set up your test groups and perform a search. Don’t know what groups to create? Stars can automatically suggest and create groups for any metadata attribute, and for more complex analysis, you can define your own, versatile groups. Examples include:

  • BMI ∈ [20, 25)
  • Disease Severity Is Not Equal to “Mild”
  • Sex Is Equal to “Male” and Age ≥ 70 and (Smoking Status Is Equal to “Smoker” or Smoking Status Has Prefix “former”)
  • Days post-Infection = 7 and Cell Base Type Matches “Monocytes” and Cell Surface Marker Does Not Match CD14
  • Sample Type Is Equal to Lesion and Cell Type Matches “Keratinocytes” and Cell Is Positive for One of “KRT1, KRT10” and Cell is Negative for All of “TP53, TP63, TP73”

Relations, groups and other configuration options are saved in a profile, and profiles are saved individually for every dataset, making it easy to switch between different analyses and chart types. All your profiles and settings are conveniently saved in a workspace file that you can easily share with colleagues and friends.


Bar Charts


Bar charts are ideal for showing one or a few symbols. The filled percentage of a bar denotes either the percentage of cells, or the percentage of samples in which transcripts could be detected (depending on the dataset). Additionally, the legend shows gene names, cell types with the greatest abundance, and up to 5 metadata attributes that are significantly correlated with the symbol.

Heat Maps


Heat maps offer a compact view of changes in several symbols and groups.

Scatter Plots


Scatter plots show individual data points, and they’re an excellent option for visualizing relationships between symbols or between symbols and metadata attributes.

Venn Diagrams


Venn diagrams compare significantly changed symbols between two groups.

Analysis Tools

Most Changed

Find symbols with the greatest change versus Control, sorted by significance, absolute and relative change


Stars contains a number of tools for finding correlations between symbols at the sample and single-cell levels, and between symbols/symbol groups and metadata attributes.


Find enriched biological processes, cellular components and molecular functions in the dataset


Perform a PCA and visualize the contribution of each principal component to the dataset’s variance. PCAs can be performed for cells, samples or symbols.

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